横浜、日本 May 24, 2012

AnaFocusが画像センシング展2012にて、マシンビジョンや高度交通システム(Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS))に最適なLINCE5M 5.2 M pixel CMOSセンサーを発表
Yokohama, Japan June 09, 2010

JAI Ltd, a leading provider of high-performance camera systems, has chosen AnaFocus’ CMOS System-on-Chip linear image sensor device for new generation line scan camera based on 3CMOS technology, used worldwide in machine vision applications.
Seville, Spain June 09, 2010

Coinciding with the ImagingSensing Show ISS’10 trade-show in Yokohama AnaFocus will present the first commercial Vision System on-a-chip (VSoC), the Eye-RIS VSoC.